Calgary's year as Canada's Cultural Capital has officially ended with organizers praising the arts legacy they say will remain.

The federal, provincial and municipal governments contributed funding for the arts along with millions of dollars raised by the organizers.


Calgary 2012 board chairs Doug and Lois Mitchell host the final event to sum up Calgary's year as Canada's Cultural Capital. (Scott Dippel/CBC)

Karen Ball, the executive director of Calgary 2012, said the year-long celebration has launched some new arts events for the city.

"[We had] Nuit Blanche Calgary, Doors Open Calgary β€” which had 15,000 people through doors of unusual spaces this year β€”the National Jazz Summit, which takes the place of our jazz festival," said Ball.

Calgary is the last city to be designated as a Cultural Capital, sharing the title with the Niagara region in southern Ontario, because the federal government has cancelled the program.