Going to law school is always expensive, but for those studying in the United States, the cost keeps going up as the Canadian dollar continues to plunge.

One Calgary woman is receiving funds from her community, her family and now even strangers to help her get through school.

Paying Nyachom Chiek's tuition at Gonzaga University School of Law in Washington State was always a joint effort by her family and even members of Calgary's South Sudanese community.

Chiek says post-secondary education for women in South Sudan is not as common as in North America.

"To see their daughters come out and come to a country and excel ... I think it really hits home for them," Chiek tells CBC News.

Her family settled in Calgary as refugees from Sudan when she was a young girl.

Chiek's studying law so she can help war victims and fight child prostitution, possibly in a position with the United Nations.

But what was meant to be about a $100,000 degree has jumped tens of thousands as the Canadian exchange rate has taken a nosedive.

"I was afraid that something like this would happen," said Nyachom's brother Yual Chiek.

He was among many concerned she'd have to halt her degree or incur more debt.

But Chiek says no amount of money would keep her from pursuing her education.

"Is really $100,000, even $200,000…  is that worth the life of an individual that I could save out of [child] prostitution?" Nyachom asks.

Still, she needed to pay and posted her story in a GoFundMe fundraising effort.

A U.S. television news station picked up Nyachom's story and since then thousands of dollars has been raised.

"I am so floored," Nyachom says.

But now, she just hopes the dollar doesn't drop much further because she's only in her second year of studies.