Calgary woman warning people of text scam

A Calgary woman is warning people to take a closer look at their cellphone bills.

A Calgary woman is warning people to take a closer look at their cellphone bills.

Colleen Harkonen says she was charged $1 for a text that came from FXM Inc. Stock Tips.

When she called Rogers Communications, Harkonen says they told her she must have signed up to receive stock tips, which she says wasn’t the case.

"Oh I would never, my husband knows stocks I let him take care of all of that," Harkonen said.

Rogers did end up refunding her, as well as proactively crediting all other affected customers. Rogers told CBC News that it is aware of the issue and blocked the stock company from sending clients text messages.

Marc Choma, who speaks for Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, says it appears to be a rare, malicious attack on the network.

Choma says usually, there are three parties involved —  the company that is providing the content, the company that is delivering the text messages and the wireless carrier.

"I don't know exactly what that business relationship would be, that would be private information between those three bodies. But generally there would be a revenue share between those three parties."

Rogers says it doesn't know how many people have been affected, but Harkonen says she wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t the only one.

"Well I think (Rogers) is definitely benefitting off this. So why do they want to take care of it,?" Harkonen asked. "(It’s) $1 a lot of people just ignore. So if (FXM Inc. Stock Tips) is scamming that to millions of people, who needs a retirement fund?"