A couple from Edmonton who lost a purse containing $10,000 in Calgary this week say they now plan to offer a reward to the woman who found it.

The announcement comes after other Albertans stepped forward to offer their own rewards to the woman — who is not being named because she lives in a downtown shelter.

"I've had some calls from ... a couple of people that want to donate money to her just to show they appreciate what she did and we're trying to find ways to help her facilitate that," said Carla Link, a spokesperson for the YWCA where the Good Samaritan is currently living.

The couple say they plan to return to Calgary next week to give the woman an unspecified amount of a reward.

'A good deed deserves another good deed.' — Beverly Geier

The woman found the purse leaning against a car that later drove off.

Inside was a stack of $100 bills. She took the purse to her case worker, who called the police

The story has touched a number of people, including Beverly Geier who wants to give the woman $100.

"This might help her get on her feet, and to know that when you do good deeds what turns around is your life, hopefully," she said.

"A good deed deserves another good deed."

Geier, who lives in Longview, Alta., is calling on others to step up and help the woman.

"I think there's a lot of people in this oil town that can give $20, $50, and they'll feel really good about it," she said.