Does it feel like there are more cyclists on the roads of Calgary this winter?

According to a veteran winter cyclist there are more. A lot more.

Kim Kelln has been hitting the streets, year-round, for more than 10 years and he's currently making a documentary about it.

"You dress for the weather and it is fine," Kelln told CBC News in an interview Friday.

Calgary winter cyclist

One veteran winter cyclist says there are lot more people taking to the streets in the winter in recent years. (CBC)

"Put on layers, make sure you are warm but not too warm because you are going to heat up as you get going."

He says people like him — cycling through snow and slush to get to work or just to get outside — are increasing.

"There was hardly anyone cycling in the winter 10 years ago, that I saw on my route anyways," Kelln said.

"But I have noticed over the last four or five years, a great uptick."

Studded tires?

Kelln uses studded tires, but he says, it's a choice.

"Some people just don't like them at all and they are an expensive option," he said.

As to conflict between motorists and cyclists, Kelln says it's mostly squeaky wheels.

"In general I am finding that there is a vocal minority [of motorists] that really objects to cyclists being on the road period, regardless of the time of year," Kelln said.

Winter cyclist in Calgary

A winter cycling veteran says studded tires are an option but not mandatory. (CBC)

"Most people are very courteous, they will give you the room."

The documentary he's working on should be ready to hit the streets in September.