Chilly weather has returned to Calgary after a relatively balmy break, spurring the CBC Calgary web team to try its hand at some mad science.

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With temperatures hovering around -18 C, and a wind chill making it feel like -24 C, we are putting several items outside to see what freezes first.

We also want to see any experiments you try at home, so send in your photos and let us know what you are freezing.

Temperatures vary across the province, with one region in southern Alberta (Hanna - Coronation - Oyen) currently under a wind chill warning from Environment Canada.

Extreme conditions are imminent or occurring in those areas and residents are advised to monitor conditions carefully. 

Wind chills there are expected to reach -40 C to -45 C Saturday night.

The rest of the southern Alberta region is not currently under any weather warnings.

At CBC Calgary, paper cups full of four substances have been placed outdoors. What are these substances, you ask?

Round 1: Vitamin Water vs. Italian-style salad dressing

Vitamin water vs. salad dressing

Which will freeze first: Vitamin Water or salad dressing? (CBC Calgary)

Verdict: Italian-style salad dressing froze first. The Vitamin Water turned to slush in the same time period.

Round 2: Regular mustard vs. Dijon mustard

Regular vs. Dijon mustard

Which will freeze first: regular or Dijon mustard? (CBC Calgary)

Verdict: Regular mustard froze first. It's rock solid after two hours while the Dijon is cold but slushy.