Calgary paramedics are cautioning people that it doesn't take long for skin to freeze in the current cold weather conditions.

Since the deep freeze settled over the city Friday morning, EMS has responded to eight cold-related emergencies including hypothermia and frostbite. Now, paramedics are warning people to cover up if they venture outside.

"If you are out, out and about working outside specifically, you need to remember to take periodic breaks inside a warm area, whether that be a structure or even a vehicle just to help your body regulate its temperature," said EMS spokesperson Adam Loria. "It does work very hard to regulate body temperature specifically with these conditions."

Loria says staying hydrated is also important because it helps your body run smoothly as it tries to provide energy.

Hypothermia can be life-threatening, so Loria says people need to limit exposure time and cover up as much skin as possible.