Local veterans gathered at The Military Museums of Calgary on Friday to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

"It was pretty terrible really," said Gordan Rowan. "I want to be remembered along with the rest of the guys that didn't come back."

Rowan, a retired able seaman with the Canadian navy, manned a gun on a boat during one of the waves that hit the beaches of Normandy.

 On June 6,1944, 359 Canadians died.

"Unfortunately too many Canadians lost their lives that day, but they did the job," said Bill Wilson, a retired captain in the Royal Canadian Navy.

"That's when I became a Canadian, right then. That's remained with me all my life."

Rowan says he prefers to think of happier times, including the reason he signed up for the Canadian navy.

"All the girls love a sailor," said Rowan.