The man in charge of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics says Canada has two cities capable of hosting the games again.

John Furlong says Canada’s record of putting on the Games on time and on budget work in our favour.

VANOC Poster 20090629

John Furlong, the former Vancouver Olympic Committee CEO, says both Calgary and Vancouver could do a good job of hosting the Games again. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

“The one great thing about Canada is we deliver on our promises. We do it the way we say,” said Furlong.

Furlong said both Vancouver and Calgary could host the Games again.

“I think if Canada decides in the future that it wants to do this again, I think Canada will always be a contender," he said. 

“I think you could do it again. You did a great job the first time. In fact, Calgary changed the Olympics. But there are two great Canadian cities who would want to do this, I think, again in the future and either one of them would be remarkable hosts.”

Furlong also said he expects Canada will do well at the Sochi 2014 games, but he expects the competition will be tough.              

He says Russia had its worst results in Vancouver and is determined to do much better this time.