A new electronic fare system is one step closer to making its public debut at Calgary Transit.

The Connect Card program could launch this summer. Once launched, the system will let users load a reusable card with money online.

Ron Collins, Calgary Transit spokesman, says users will be able to tap their cards at readers provided at bus stops and C-Train platforms.

"We feel it's a much more convenient system for customers than having to dig for change or having to dig through a ticket book of ten to pull out a ticket to pay your fare," Collins said.

"It's just a simpler way and we feel that our customers are really going to embrace it."

Pilot project to work out the kinks


Calgary Transit users may soon be able to use a card to pay for their bus and train fares. (CBC)

Roughly 500 people are taking part in a pilot program to test out the system.

"We want to find if there's any problems," Collins said.

"We're going to find them during the pilot and not after we go live to the public in the summer."

The roll out of the new payment system will cost about $7 million and the city, the province and the federal government are all contributing to the total cost.

The pilot program runs until June 7.