A Calgary dog and her owner are thanking their lucky stars — and a C-Train operator.

Calgary Transit's Kelley Slimmon found Lizzy the dog zigzagging ahead of the train he was driving on Saturday.

He stopped the train and tried to coax the shepherd-border collie cross to him. Just when the weather got bad, Lizzy ran to the operator and followed him into the train.

"I have a dog at home, and it's like a child," said Slimmon. "I mean losing your dog is [like] losing a child. You love them, they mean everything to you."

Within an hour and a half she was back with her owner, who was a bit shaken up.

"It was the most terrifying hour and a half of my life.... She got lots of bellyrubs Saturday night — let me tell you," said Giselle Thirwall.