Calgary Transit issues warning after 3rd C-Train crash

Calgary Transit is reminding drivers to be vigilant after three vehicles collided with C-Trains in the past few days.

No injuries in recent spate of LRT collisions

A vehicle slammed into a C-Train today near the Third Street west station. (Bryan Labby/CBC)

Calgary Transit is reminding drivers to be vigilant after three vehicles collided with C-Trains in the past few days. 

There were no injuries, but all three drivers have been charged with running a red light — a $172 ticket.

Doug Morgan with Calgary Transit says drivers need to pay more attention.

"We can't explain it," he said. "We've looked at the crossings, they're like they've always been. It just seems to be inattentiveness on the part of drivers. We're really concerned that this is a pattern that we need to address, we're certainly going to call upon the police service to help us out."

Sgt. Colin Foster, who works in the collision reconstruction unit with the Calgary police, says bad driving puts more than just the driver at risk. 

"You're also putting in danger the people who are actually on board the trains," he said, adding a number of people are standing on while riding the C-Train.

"If that train has to brake sharply or heavily, then those people who are on the train who are stood up are going to fall over. You are liable for those injuries as well."

The latest collision happened today near the Third Street west station. 

Last Friday afternoon, three people in a van were involved in a collision with a C-Train at Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue southwest. 

It was the same location as a C-Train collision with a car early Friday morning. 

Calgary Transit had to bring in shuttles in all three incidents to pick up stranded passengers.

Three LRT vehicles are now being repaired, although Calgary Transit says that shouldn't affect its peak hour service when almost all vehicles are normally on the rails. 

Calgary Transit said there are also no plans to make any changes to warning systems on train lines.


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