Calgary Transit is doing more to promote wellness as it tackles a high absenteeism rate, a city committee was told on Thursday.

A City of Calgary auditor's report found the transit organization exceeded its overtime limit in the 2011 budget by 70 per cent.

He found, on average, transit operators are off work more than 15 days a year — almost twice the rate of other city workers.  

Doug Morgan, the director of Calgary Transit, told a council committee Thursday that drivers are being encouraged to take better care of themselves.

"We have a personal trainer that's open to operators, we have fitness facilities that they can come to when they're in between shifts to work on fitness and we try to give them resources that they can go and look at how to become more fit," he said.

Morgan told the committee he understands the public might be concerned about what the audit found, but he said overtime is a small percentage of the overall Calgary Transit budget.