An Alberta Justice crackdown on unpaid traffic tickets is yielding results in Calgary.

Four years ago, the province started going after delinquent tickets that account for millions of dollars in unpaid fines.

The traffic fines enforcement program began in Edmonton, and expanded to Calgary in June. So far, of the roughly $11 million in unpaid Calgary tickets, more than $1 million has been paid.

"In some cases, garnishees have been taken off federal income tax, GST refunds, wages, and in extreme cases there's been the ability to freeze bank accounts and seize assets," said Alberta Justice spokesman Josh Stewart.

"Basically what this is about is promoting safety. The reason traffic fines are in place is to encourage people to obey the traffic laws."

In Edmonton, about half of the $13 million owed by Edmonton drivers has been collected since the program began.

There are more than 73,000 unpaid traffic tickets remaining in Edmonton and Calgary.