Calgary theft ring returns, targets the vulnerable, say police

Police in Calgary are warning that a group of thieves in Calgary is targeting people who are alone and vulnerable, especially the elderly.

Victim's valuable necklace stolen by younger woman offering a gift

Calgary police say a group of thieves who deceive their victims have surfaced in the city again.

Perina Milev, 91, is their latest victim. She was in her front yard on Sunday when a well-dressed young woman approached her in a friendly way and placed a necklace on the older woman. 

"This lady coming, give me this necklace and then (she) put it around my neck," said Milev.

However, after the young woman left, Milev realized that the thief had stolen a much more valuable necklace she had been wearing. 

The victim's daughter-in-law, Shannon Ohama-MIlev, called the thieves' actions despicable.

"So they're speaking so fast, they come up and give you hugs and kisses, I mean, how low can you go?" she said.

Calgary police spokesman Geoff Gawlinski said the thieves tend to approach people who appear vulnerable.

"That could be in a variety of situations whether you're in an area that's not highly populated, whether you're doing yard work or shovelling your walk," he said.

Gawlinski said the culprits are hard to find because they use rental cars and move from city to city.

They have been active in Calgary before as well as other cities.