While many teenagers live up to the stereotypes of being rebellious, Sheliza Kassam is bucking the trend.

The 16-year-old has a passion for philanthropy and spends much of her leisure time planning birthday parties for kids.

"Due to my religion, Muslim, we are constantly brought up with the fact that we need to volunteer…help others," Kassam explained.

She started fundraising four years ago when she collected eye glasses.

"Basically they're being given to third world countries who don’t have the gift of sight," Kassam said.

She started her own organization called Children's Birthday Miracles and recently approached staff at Inn From The Cold, an emergency shelter, to hold her first event.

"I'd create a website, Twitter page, Instagram and everything and all you have to do is provide me with names and ages and I’ll get all of that done for you," Kassam said.

The shelter took her up on it.

Devon Laughlin, with Inn From The Cold, says Kassam is one of a kind.

"We quite often see in teenagers that age they're much more into themselves than into helping others so it's quite the turnaround -- it's absolutely amazing," Laughlin says.

Kassam plans to put on a birthday party every month.