Calgary teen shot with BB gun while waiting at bus stop

A 15-year-old girl got shot with a BB gun while standing at a Calgary bus stop last week.

Pellet just missed her eye

Teen hit while waiting at a bus stop in the city’s northeast. 2:34

A 15-year-old girl got shot with a BB gun while standing at a Calgary bus stop last week.

Kathy Torok’s daughter was waiting at a bus stop near Bishop McNally High School in the city’s northeast when she felt something hit her in the head as a car drove by.

"Cars had gone by and she had said, 'Oh, I think a rock hit me in the head!' And one of her friends said, 'You're bleeding'," Torok explained.

A Calgary teen was treated in hospital after being shot by a pellet gun which narrowly missed her eye.

"It's very shocking to know that that's what happened to her."

Torok’s daughter was taken to the hospital to have the BB removed from her head which was just centimetres from her eye.

"I mean, within an inch, the outcome could have been totally different," Torok said, adding the injury is healing well.

Calgary police are investigating.

Det. David Keagan says people may not think of a BB gun as anything more than a toy, but it's against city bylaws to fire one.

"There are criminal code provisions for this case. We would be looking at investigation of assault with a weapon and assault causing bodily harm," Keagan said.

Police say they are working with the school in their investigation.