A 15-year-old Calgary boy has been sentenced to 10 months for leading police on a high-speed chase throughout the city.

The teen pleaded guilty to five criminal charges in June including vehicle theft, property damage and dangerous driving.

Several people reported seeing the stolen truck he was driving speeding through red lights, swerving around other vehicles and driving across the median into oncoming traffic.

Three police vehicles were damaged during the arrest.

Judge Lillian Katherine McLellan told the court that "the facts in this case are quite egregious."  

She sentenced the youth to 10 months but it was broken down into three sections: time already served, additional jail time and supervision.  

Considering the time he has already spent behind bars, the teen will serve another 86 days in a detention facility followed by 100 days of supervision in the community.

He also has some special conditions attached to his future release, including a ban on driving for three years.

'Public safety was a concern'

The Crown had asked for 12 to 15 months of open custody followed by nine to 12 months of probation and a three-year driving suspension.

"Certainly it was concerning in that he was operating a stolen motor vehicle at a high rate of speed, breaking numerous traffic laws, driving the wrong way down the road, driving over medians, running red lights, all while speeding. Obviously public safety was a concern," says Crown prosecutor Matthew Hinshaw.

Defence had been seeking a six-month deferred custody followed by supervision for a year.

"I don't know if it's entirely sunk in. I had warned him ahead of time that given my research, he was looking at more jail," said defence lawyer Kathleen Reyes. "He's realized that he's done something wrong. He realizes the judge has the power to impose something on him."

The judge said in her ruling that the youth did show some remorse and he wants to change.

It was noted in court documents that the teen had a "chaotic and neglectful home life" while living with his mother in B.C. until December 2012 when he moved to Calgary to live with his dad.

"There was substantial involvement with child protection services," the documents read.

The teen's father and stepmother were present during the sentencing hearing. The documents also say he doesn't want to be a "bad influence" on his siblings in Calgary, and that he is back on medication for symptoms of depression, antisocial behaviour and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).