A study at the University of Calgary is trying to give family doctors the tools they need to decide if a senior should still be driving.   

This week a Calgary senior who has dementia disappeared with his car overnight. 

He was found the next morning in Cochrane.   

Chip Scialfa a psychology professor at the U of C is working on tests that will help figure out if a senior is still safe behind the wheel.   

He says the decision is often left to family doctors.

"There's a great deal of uncertainty about what are the appropriate tests to give what is the procedure to follow when you have tentatively identified somebody as an at risk driver," Scialfa said.

Scialfa says it’s often hard for families to tell a senior that it's time to give up driving, but Alberta Transportation says they can do it for you.

"We would contact that person by letter telling that person we have received information about their situation and that we have investigated. Of course every situation is different so we may ask for that person to take a medical exam or a road test," said Martin Dupuis, a spokesperson for Alberta Transportation.

Dupuis says they will investigate the claim and make requests based on the circumstances – such as asking the senior to take a drivers test or get a vision test.

If the driver doesn't comply, their licence could be suspended.