Some residents of Rocky View County are going to be providing information for a study on the health of the water wells in the area.   

The participants will help collect the data concerning their water levels and pass it along to researchers at the University of Calgary.


Geoscience professor Masaki Hayashi said the study's data will be used to better understand the groundwater processes in Rocky View County. (CBC)

The project will determine how water levels ebb and flow over time and make it easier to manage the water supply, geoscience professor Masaki Hayashi said.    

The study will start off small, monitoring just 40 wells.

Hayashi said people in the county were happy to get on board with the research.

"They're very pleased, you know, that they can contribute the data for the public good," Hayashi said.

"So using their data we can better understand the groundwater processes in the county. At the same time, they have this monitoring system which no other counties in Alberta have available," he added.

The study will show groundwater levels on a virtual web map so that residents in Rocky View can monitor water levels too.