A group of University of Calgary students embarking on an international challenge will only be able to use one form of currency while abroad — Red Bull energy drinks. 

The student union representatives are taking part in the energy drink company's Can You Make It contest. It's billed as an "epic journey" where 100 teams travel across Europe for a week by bartering with 24 Red Bull cans.

The Executive Team

Three student union representatives from the University of Calgary get ready to embark on an international challenge. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

The trio, which have dubbed themselves The Executive Team, plans to use their Canadian charm to take them to the finish line.

"It's not like we're going to go up to a train station and say excuse me can I get a train ticket for a Red Bull," said U of C vice-president of student life Ben Cannon. 

The team is heading to London tonight and have to be in Berlin in seven days. While they have a phone to help post their adventure on social media, the team cannot call for help and will not have any money.

"We're not going to Europe on a free trip from Red Bull. We're going to Europe to win," said U of C vice-president external Connor Brown.

There is no doubt the challenge is about advertising, but the team plans to also make it about national pride.

'We're in this thing to win'

"We want to have that Canadian feel. We want to sign the cans and make sure it's more than just a Red Bull we're trading — it's a piece of Canada," said U of C vice-president of operations and finance Eric Termuende.

They are one of three teams from Canada. But the challenge is more than just getting to Germany in one piece, the teams also have to garner support online.

"We've have more than 1,300 likes on our page, which puts us in third place overall right now," said Brown. "But we're still asking for Calgary's support."

The team knows the Red Bull slogan well — it gives you wings — and they're hoping it propels them to the top.

"We're student executives for a reason. We're incredibly competitive and passionate and we're in this thing to win," said Brown.

"School's finished up. Work's finished up and now we have our eye on the prize," said Termuende.