One Calgarian claiming to be the biggest Stampeders fan is hitting the road to see his favorite team play in the 100th Grey Cup.

Jeremy Ballantine is on a Greyhound bus right now for what will be a 55-hour trip after his dad bought him tickets to the big game.

"And so I figured an opportunity to see the country at the same time, and travel by Greyhound bus, 55 hours from gate to gate, Calgary to Toronto," Ballantine explained.

Ballantine is making sure to document the entire trip. He’s even asked fellow passengers to wake him up at every stop so he can take a picture.

"I've got my Stamps jersey on and it has not left my back since we walked out,  and I go outside only in the Stamps jersey," he said.  "I think I'm up to about 30 pictures of me so far in different places with the Flutie football and my Stamps jersey."

Ballantine’s journey has generated a following on social media of fans and also some of his idols. 

"I actually got a couple of text messages from Stamps players: Rob Maver, the punter, Keon Raymond, and Nick Lewis have all sent their good wishes and safe travels so I thank them for that," Ballantine said.

Ballantine spent Wednesday travelling through Ontario.

"We've basically done about 24 hours into the trip, and now 31 hours remain," he said.