The Calgary Stampeders may be on a winning streak but the team's attendance numbers are in a slump.

Despite the team being ranked No. 1 in the league, attendance numbers this year are similar to last season's 20-year low of 30,000 — and that could hurt team spirit.

"The more people you get into the stadium, the easier it is for the team to — you got that 30-,31-,32,000 people making noise. It makes a significant difference," said Gordon Norrie, president of the team.

The team is focusing on providing incentives for fans to come out to the games, ranging from working harder to engage fans to providing rewards to them to get out to the stadium.

However, Norrie says the team knows who — or what — it's up against.

"Our biggest enemy is that television and that big, comfy couch," he said.

The Stampeders hope to boost attendance for their final home game of the season on Oct. 26 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.