A team has been suspended from next year's Calgary Stampede because one of its animals tested positive for drugs after this year’s event.

The steer won the grand prize of $10,000 in the UFA Steer Classic Competition only to be disqualified when ibuprofen and Flunixin, another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, showed up in its blood.

Calgary Stampede spokesman Kurt Kadatz said the rules clearly stated no drugs were permitted at the competition.

But steer owner Royden Anderson said the whole process was flawed.

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“The fact that they got rid of the blood sample and now we can't retest the blood sample… They wouldn't provide proof of the blood sample. I had to hire a lawyer to get them. It was just one thing after the other,” he said.

Dr. Trish Dowling, a veterinarian with expertise on drug testing, testified in Anderson’s support, saying the tests were done incorrectly and the amounts were too small to prove anything.

But the Stampede is standing by its decision.

“We did a test for drugs that involved a … government accredited laboratory. We had those tests peer reviewed by the U of C vet school, and they agreed with our assessment of those tests,” Kadatz said.

“As I mentioned before we really want to ensure a clean, drug-free competition for our human participants and our animal participants.”