A veteran rodeo announcer will be the new voice of the Calgary Stampede's chuckwagon event.

Les McIntyre will make his debut on March 19 at the 2009 GRC Rangeland Derby Canvas Auction, Stampede officials announced Thursday.

McIntyre is a former wagon driver who called races for more than 24 years for the World Professional Chuckwagon Association.

He replaces the legendary Joe Carbury, who retired last year after 45 years. McIntyre said he plans to bring his own style to the annual event.

"The advantage that I have is that I've been in the dirt, I've tasted the dust so to speak, and worked with horses," he said. "When the horn blows, I still get that adrenaline rush and hopefully I can transfer that excitement through the microphone to the fans."

Carbury had a few words of wisdom to share with McIntyre on Thursday.

"Les, I don't know if you're going to equal the time record that I put in, but I know you're still a young man and let me advise you however that the mandatory retirement age for chuckwagon drivers is still 65 and for chuckwagon announcers it is 80," he said. "So you've got a few years to go my friend, and do enjoy them as much as I did."