Calgary Stampede expanded bar hours welcomed, but owners say more notice needed

Some Calgary bar owners welcome the expanded hours to serve alcohol at their establishments, but say more notice to plan for it would have been appreciated.

Schedules hard to change so close to workers' shifts, say managers

Bars, restaurants and lounges in Calgary will be allowed to serve liquor earlier for the duration of the Stampede. 2:33

Some Calgary bar owners welcome the expanded hours to serve alcohol at their establishments during the Calgary Stampede, but say more notice to plan for it would have been appreciated. 

Calgary bars are allowed to start serving as early as 8 a.m. MT, and 7 a.m. MT on parade day, during the Calgary Stampede, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission said Thursday.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission said Thursday it would allow beer and liquor can be served as early as 8 a.m. MT until July 13. And on parade day, those looking for an early morning drink can get it at 7 a.m. MT.

Adam MacGregor, a co-owner of the Bank and Baron pub on Stephen Avenue, says it's a great idea but it takes time to get ready for Stampede crowds.

"Our chef and our kitchen team have been working diligently over the last few weeks to prep and have everything ready for the increase and that Stampede menu but we have no breakfast items. So it's going to be a little tough to serve people breakfast when we're not prepared for it."

He says staffing at the last minute is also difficult because schedules were set weeks ago.

MacGregor says he hopes the province allows extended hours again next year and provides more notice.

Andrew Cho is a manager at the Wildhorse Saloon Stampede Tent which sits right along the parade route on 6th Avenue.

"This year it's a little late. Next year moving forward, I'm sure logistically it would be a bit of a nightmare but I mean if we have the opportunity, definitely we'll take advantage of it."


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