Calgary Stampede cancels 4 concerts

Four Calgary Stampede concerts have been cancelled because of flood damage at the Saddledome.

Carly Rae Jepson, Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks and KISS cancelled

The Calgary Stampede has cancelled four big concerts. 1:33

Four Calgary Stampede concerts have been cancelled because of flood damage at the Saddledome.

The cancelled concerts are:

  • Carly Rae Jepsen on July 10.
  • Tim McGraw on July 11.
  • Dixie Chicks on July 12.
  • KISS on July 13.

Ticket holders will still receive admission to the grounds on the day of their concert. The shows will likely be re-scheduled after the Stampede. Information about new dates or refunds will be posted on the Calgary Stampede's website.

"We understand that this news is disappointing to fans and we’re disappointed too as we wanted to present our guests and fans with an awesome concert experience," Stampede organizers wrote on Tuesday.

"Construction trades have been working very hard on a number of fronts simultaneously including addressing issues related to electrical power, potable water, air conditioning, air quality, and personal safety. Ultimately, due to the flood, it just isn’t feasible to go ahead."

The shows couldn't be hosted at other Stampede venues because they are designed to be shown indoors, according to Stampede officials.

Other signature events in the Saddledome, which was flooded up to the eighth row last month, had already been cancelled, including the horse cutting competition and the vintage tractor pull. The penning competition, which sees teams of riders separate three cattle from a herd, will be moved to the nearby community of Okotoks.

Rides are already being set up on the midway.

Crews have pumped millions of litres of water from the rodeo grounds, scraped mud, torn out and replaced drywall and have been sanitizing surfaces in Stampede Park just southeast of downtown as the days tick down to the opening parade Friday.

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