About 1,000 students at the University of Calgary are deferring their exams this spring in the wake of last week’s fatal stabbings near the campus.

Students were told last week after five young people were killed in Brentwood that they could request deferrals if they didn’t feel up to writing exams.

The university usually receives about 500 requests for deferrals.

University registrar David Johnston said students are not being asked for an explanation.

“We've created a simplified process with one form so any student that needs a deferred exam for any reason at all just has to come to the registrar's office or their dean's office, fill out one form. Just ask for a deferral and it's automatically approved at that point,” he said.

The university will accept deferral requests throughout the exam period.

Johnston said the wellness of students is the most important thing and there might still be some who don't realize they have been affected by the killings.

“I think everyone is coping in their own way. We of course have a number of support services we've set up to help the students. A lot of people are affected,” he said.