A Canadian charity is asking Calgarians to bring in their gently used skates, sticks and gloves, so that it can fix them up and give them away to local kids in need.

It's part of a national drive to ensure that every Canadian kid who wants to get on the ice has the opportunity to do so.

Skate to Great started in 2012 and has given away more than 25,000 pairs of skates since then. Roughly 6,000 of those have gone to Albertans through various schools, First Nations reserves and youth programs. 

"We wanted to make sure that skating in Canada was a right and not a privilege for kids," said co-founder Evan Kosiner.

Calgary launch

The campaign, which covers nine Canadian cities, launched in Calgary Wednesday. 

"It's spring cleaning, and it's also playoff season for hockey. We couldn't find a more fitting time for people to clear out their old skates in the basement and bring them to kids' feet that could actually use them," said Kosiner.

All of the Calgary donations will go to Comrie's Sports Equipment Bank, a local charity that upcycles sports equipment for kids in need. Volunteers there will sharpen blades, install new laces and freshen up the equipment before it is given away.

Calgarians can donate at the FedEx depot on Aero Drive in the city's northeast until May 31. 

With files from Monty Kruger