Shooting ranges used to be quite basic, with participants shooting at a target several meters away.

But one Calgary range is now stepping up its technology.

The Calgary Shooting Centre, an indoor shooting range, now features animated targets.

It’s called Cinema Range, which allows participants to shoot at the targets on a large screen with live ammunition.

"What we have here is a paper screen and we're projecting hi-definition video onto it," said owner, James Bachynsky. "There are similar systems that are used by military and police for training but as far as a civilian facility, this is the first of its kind in North America."


The Calgary Shooting Range features animated targets. (CBC)

Meesh Gordon was firing off her 9mm handgun at some animated cans on Friday afternoon.

"It's so much fun, it's so freeing," she said. "You can move around and shoot things --you can make different scenarios."

The system costs $150,000 – a price James Bachynsky hopes will draw more people into make it a worthy investment.