Calgary senior says Access Calgary abandoned her

A Calgary senior says she was abandoned by Access Calgary and an investigation into the incident is expected to take place shortly.

Calgary Transit agrees to investigate incident after talk with Ward Sutherland

A Calgary senior says she was left stranded by Access Calgary. 2:05

A Calgary senior is looking for answers after she says Access Calgary left her stranded for a ride home on Wednesday, instead of giving her the lift she'd requested.

Ninety-year-old Amy Anderson has been using Access Calgary to help her get around. The senior is losing her vision and has back problems but says she's always tried to maintain her independence.

"I'm an independent person and I don't like asking for help," she said. "I've stood on my own for a good many years and I don't like asking for it because I like to be free to go when I want."

Anderson says she called Access Calgary on Wednesday to pick her up from her doctor's appointment in the southwest.

Seeing her ride waiting, the office manager asked the driver to wait, telling them Anderson would be there in just a few minutes.

"She ran out without a coat and told him and he took off," Anderson said.

Anderson says she called Access Calgary, hoping another car could be sent but was told that wasn't going to happen.

She managed to get a lift halfway but had to take the bus the rest of the way home — something she says she wasn't prepared for.

"I stood outside — it was very cold and I wasn't dressed to stand outside," she said. "So, I took the 40 bus and [it] takes me quite a ways from here and I was hoping to catch another bus but I didn't see it so I had to walk home."

Incident will be investigated

Anderson has filed a complaint with Access Calgary, a division of Calgary Transit. 

In a conversation with CBC Calgary, a spokesperson for Calgary Transit was unable to say whether this had happened before but insisted incidents like this are rare.

Now an investigation is underway, thanks in part to Anderson also contacting her Ward 1 councillor, Ward Sutherland.

"We looked in some of the details and they seem to be confirmed. However, I've talked with the manager of [Access Calgary] and have officially asked for an investigation," said Sutherland. "They have agreed."

It's not clear exactly how long the investigation will take but Anderson says she'll also be waiting for that report.

"Something needs to be done because they handle seniors and handicapped people and some of them are in a lot worse shape than I am," she said.

"What would they do?"