Mike Shaikh, a Calgary senator-in-waiting, says the uproar over expenses in the upper chamber could have a positive effect. (University of Calgary )

A senator-in-waiting from Calgary says the ongoing expenses scandal in Ottawa is not a reason to get rid of the upper house. 

Mike Shaikh was one of three people elected in 2012 as a senate nominee for Alberta.  

He said there is a bright side to all of the negative attention focused on the red chamber.  

"What will happen is, by looking deep into it, they will be able to put together some rules, policies, procedures so that this kind of abuse won't take place," he said.

An elected senate would also make its members accountable to the public, Shaikh added.  

Sen. Mike Duffy resigned from the Conservative caucus on Thursday after it was learned he accepted a cheque for $90,000 from Nigel Wright, the prime minister's chief of staff, to repay a Senate housing allowance.

Wright resigned from his position on Sunday. 

Sen. Pamela Wallin, also facing an expenses audit, quit the Tory caucus on Friday.