Calgary schools will be junk food free in 2012. ((CBC))

As of 2012, all Calgary public schools will be junk food free.

No sweet, salty, or deep fried snacks will be sold on the grounds.

Chocolate bars, fries, high energy sport drinks, and even instant noodle soups are on the hit list — while muffins, fruit juices, vegetable soups and yogurt get school board approval.

Superintendent Naomi Johnson says city public schools have slowly eliminated low nutrient foods but in four months the transition will be complete.

"We have to model good behavior and part of that is to remove things that are unhealthy and we're poised to do that in January," said Johnson.

Parent Kelly Guggisberg is in favour of eliminating all sugary and salty snack foods in schools immediately.

And she isn't buying the argument that schools are dependent on the revenue from those food sales.

"Our schools shouldn't be in the business of generating revenue from the sales of junk food," Guggisberg said.

When told his high school will be junk food free by the new year Grade 12 student Carlos Montesinos shrugged his shoulders.

"It's not going to change the way I eat. I'll just find somewhere else to get the same kind of stuff," he said.

Schools will begin removing snack food vending machines in November.