Police have tracked down and issued a traffic ticket to a woman after a video dubbed “Calgary's worst driver” went viral over the weekend.

The roughly five-minute YouTube video posted Thursday, which has more than three million views, shows a woman attempting to back out of a parking spot.

The incident was captured by video surveillance at a nearby business.

About 20 seconds into the video the driver of the BMW SUV forcefully backs into a parked vehicle.

The woman then spends the next several minutes trying to get turned around, driving back and forth, eventually completing a full circle before driving away from the scene.

Calgary police digital communications officer Const. Jeremy Shaw tweeted about the incident on Friday.

On Sunday, Shaw confirmed that an officer from District 6 was able to track the driver down a few blocks away from the parking lot.

She's been issued a $115 "unsafe backing" ticket. According to someone who spoke with the woman, she claimed she didn't know she had hit the vehicle. 

Investigators didn’t mention the video to the driver and were not sure if she is aware of it.

The investigation is now complete, police said.