One of the wards to watch in Calgary’s civic election will be the seat held by Druh Farrell.

The longtime Ward 7 alderman won re-election three years ago by capturing just 43 per cent of the vote.

Kevin Taylor lost by fewer than 1,500 votes and has been campaigning for a rematch ever since.

The restaurant owner said voters want a change.

Ward 7 candidates

Kevin Taylor, top right, lost to Druh Farrell, top left, by less than 1,500 votes in the last election. The two, as well as Brent Alexander, bottom left, and Joylin Nodwell, bottom right, are the candidates for Ward 7 in Calgary's election. (CBC)

"They're still upset with the Peace Bridge,” he said, referring to the controversial $25-million pedestrian crossing over the Bow River connecting Eau Claire with Sunnyside.

Taylor said he is not part of any slate, even though he accepted money from a Calgary home builder who was caught on video talking about ways to defeat candidates seen as unfriendly to the industry.

“No, there's no slate in Calgary. There's no such thing. What I am is my own person. I'm a business owner. I take my business ethics to council,” Taylor said.

Farrell said her campaign is about smart growth. "We need to get a handle on urban sprawl,” she said.

The two other candidates running in Ward 7 are Brent Alexander, who works in the financial industry, and Joylin Nodwell, who coaches swimming and runs a French translating and tutoring business.

Farrell is seeking her fifth term. She was first elected in 2001.

Election day is on Oct. 21.

Calgary Ward 7

There are 79,470 people living in Ward 7. (CBC)