Calgary spring street sweeping will go well into the summer this year.

Usually at this time of year gravel clearing would be happening, but the city's director of roads says the late snow melt is delaying the work.


Calgary's prolonged snow season is delaying street sweeping work, says Calgary roads director Ryan Jestin.

Ryan Jestin said more gravel was put down this year and that will take longer to clear and the department’s budget was cut by 10 per cent.    

“Normally we have towed vehicles around the corner on streets that have an approved parking ban and this year I'm not going to do it. That saves about a quarter of a million dollars right off the top — and then of course no overtime.”

That means cars won't be towed around the corner to make way for the sweepers.

“The simple reality is I've got to wait for the spring melt before I can really get full-tilt at spring cleanup. So I'm guessing another two weeks, maybe another month, before we can get in full-tilt for spring cleanup. Which means we're at least two weeks if not three weeks behind where we normally would be.”

The departments is aiming to have the work done by July, but Jestin said there are no guarantees.