Norwegians in Calgary are celebrating the bicentennary of their country's constitution.

The Norwegian Constitution was signed in 1814, in what has been dubbed the 'Year of Miracles.' In honour of that momentous event, the Norwegian Embassy and Consulate organized an exhibit at Calgary City Hall and a parade from City Hall to Fort Calgary.

At the start of 1814, Norway was part of an absolute monarchy ruling over both Denmark and Norway. 

That year, Norwegians rose up and drew up what the Royal Norgwegian Consulte calls "the world's most democratic constitution."

They also elected their own king and entered into a democratic union with Sweden.

Before creating the constitution, Norway had been in union with Denmark for 400 years.

Norway became independent in 1905 through a peaceful dissolution with Sweden and many Norwegians have since immigrated to Calgary.

It's estimated Calgary's growing Norwegian population is around 40,000.