Plans for a new Calgary cemetery are getting good reviews after dozens of people showed up at an open house Thursday night to talk about the project.

The city said it plans to build the new cemetery near Ralph Klein Park in the southeast. It would be the first new cemetery to be built in the city in 74 years, and some regulars at the park said they support the idea.

"It's a nice green area and cemeteries tend to be green areas," said April Shymko, who comes to the park with her partner a few times a month to bird-watch. "I don't think it's going to make that much of a difference being here."

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The City of Calgary is planning to build its first cemetery in more than 70 years. (CBC)

Residents from nearby areas had the chance to review some of the proposals for the cemetery at the open house.

Those include a mausoleum, a scattering garden for ashes and the possibility of religious areas.

For those in the funeral industry, news of the proposed cemetery comes just in time.

Ernie Hagel, president of McInnis and Holloway funeral homes in Calgary, says the city is facing a shortage of cemetery space over the coming decade.

"It's imperative that the city step up to the plate and look at opening up a cemetery," he said. 

The new cemetery is expected to open in 2016.

Members of the public can share their thoughts on the City of Calgary website until June 1.