City council's recent decision to allocate that controversial $52 million over a coming decade for Calgary's next transit line means planning is now churning away on the Green Line.

The Green Line is a recently devised term which marries the north-central busway (future LRT) with what's been known as the SETWAY, the Southeast Transitway (also a future LRT).

It runs from Harvest Hills in north central Calgary through the core out to the southeast community of Seton.

While transit planners and consultants debate whether the northern end of the line should run along Centre Street or Edmonton Trail to reach the city's northern fringe, the SETWAY already has some kilometres under its belt.

Below is a detailed map which was presented at a workshop earlier this week. One of the fun things about covering city hall is you get those first peeks at Calgary's future. This one's for you transit geeks!

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