The entire network of Calgary's inner-city cycle tracks will be open for Thursday morning's commute.

The city was aiming to officially open the entire bicycle-friendly network at the end of June, but a dry month has meant the one-year pilot project is finished ahead of schedule.

The final two lanes in the network, along Eighth and Ninth avenues, will open Thursday. Stephen Avenue Mall is also opening as a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project is also under-budget, with final cost of the network at $5.75 million.

Don Mulligan, director of transportation planning for the city, said fewer traffic lights for cyclists were needed.

The number of cyclists using the previously opened routes has already increased significantly, Mulligan said. The city will continue to gather data over the next 18 months, and then evaluate the pilot project to see if it should continue or be altered or removed.

See a larger map of Calgary's cycle track here.

Downtown cycle track (updated June 2015)

A map of the downtown cycle track updated as of June 2015. (City of Calgary)