Trains will not be stopping at one of Calgary's busiest C-Train stations today after the Chinook platform was closed for renovations.

While trains will continue to run through the area, customers will not be able to board or disembark from that station. 

Instead, commuters will need to catch a shuttle bus to and from the 39th Avenue Station at a bus terminal located on Third Street southwest between 59th and 61st avenues.

"It's kind of a little bit like confusion because we just don't know where to get off," said passenger Sarah Mathew. "It looks like I did go down to the wrong station. Let's just see how it goes."

Renovations are expected to take about eight months to complete with a budget of $15 million.

"I missed the bus cause now it's my first time, the first day for the shuttle, for everything," said passenger Ronnie Canlas. 

13 other stations will also need upgrades

Transit spokesperson Ron Collins say it's a learning process.

"I think as [it's] the first or second day, after people give it a whirl, I think they'll understand it fully," he said.

Stephen Tauro with Calgary Transit says it's a major overhaul.

"We are going to be removing the existing platform, we're moving the existing building and putting in a whole new platform with brand new heated shelters and a glass canopy, a widened sidewalk and at-grade crossing," he said.

The main point of the upgrade is to accommodate four-car trains, which are scheduled to launch in late 2014.

Over the next two years, 13 other C-Train stations will also require expansions to accommodate the longer trains.

Tauro says roughly 5,000 people use the station each day.