Calgary's cab fares increase

Calgary's taxi fares have increased by 4.4 per cent, the first hike in four years.

Calgary’s taxi fares have increased for the first time in four years.

Fares went up 4.4 per cent on Monday morning. The new fare structure is comparable with taxi rates in other cities, said city chief livery officer Marc Halat.

"It's been very positively accepted, both industry-wise and consumer-wise. We have not heard any resistance whatsoever."

Daljit Randhawa, a spokesman with Checker Cabs, said the increase isn't enough to offset rising costs drivers must absorb.

"The fuel prices went up, so now they're going to give us 4.4 per cent, right? So that's nothing."

Most consumers CBC spoke with were OK with the increase.

Passenger Blaine Seppa said taxi drivers have a tough job.

"Especially for night time and the risks involved."

Becky Larson echoes those sentiments but she says the increase does nothing to address the shortage of cabs during peak hours.

"I'm fine with the hike, but I wish there was more access to taxis."

The higher cab fares were approved by city council this summer. Aldermen also voted in favour of making security cameras mandatory inside all taxis, although three-quarters of Calgary cabs already have cameras.

New decals and signage in cabs explain the deposit system and the new fare structure. To offset the problem of non-payment, drivers can now request a deposit of $30.