Calgary runners get 'Happy' with Pharrell Williams cover

The global trend of covering Pharrell Williams' 'Happy' video has finally come to Calgary.

Video shot on Stephen Avenue, C-Train, Cliff Bungalow and in the Beltline

The global trend of covering Pharrell Williams' Happy video has come to Calgary.

A group of runners posted their cover of the video to raise team spirit ahead of last week's 2014 Mother's Day Run and to share their love for the city. 

Omar Masood, 28, grew up in Dubai and moved to Calgary about three years ago after studying engineering at McGill University in Montreal. He says he fell in love with the city right away and thinks the song is a perfect fit with Calgarians' relaxed and happy lifestyles.

"I think it reflects the spirit here," he said. "People don't get caught up in like, what is it that's holding you back from being happy and part of a community and helping each other out.... They don't really hold themselves back and I think this song in a sense captures that."

Masood says no one seemed surprised when they danced down Stephen Avenue or on the C-Train wearing Superman costumes.

For him, the big surprise came with seeing who was most willing to let loose for the camera — a group of 90-year-old Calgarians.

"They were like, 'Oh, what are we doing, what is this? Okay, that's all we need to know and let's just go for it!'" Masood said.

"They were willing to turn around and dance and it was just phenomenal."