The city has re-worked it's snow and ice control website for Calgarians who say driving in their communities is still a rough ride.

The city says it’s getting complaints from residents who want to know when snow removal crews are coming to clear their roads.

People can go to the website and plug in their exact address to see what's happening on their street.

The website no longer uses a map of the city that allowed people to zoom in on their neighbourhoods.

“We understand the interactive map has got its challenges,” said the city’s roads spokesperson Jennifer Thompson Goldberg.

“In terms of it’s not mobile friendly and it can be hard to read with the dots and lines there, so we wanted to create an easier way for the way people get their information.”

You can access the snow and ice control website at

“If you see that your road is under assessment it doesn’t mean that there isn't work happening in other parts of your community just that, at this moment, crews are getting a handle on what they need to address your road and your area.”

It will be updated each morning at 7 a.m MT.

The city says it's working through its residential snow action plan -- and its seven-day snow and ice control plan — and it's asking for patience.