Restaurant managers claim a woman who goes by the name "Tasheena" is trying to scam gift certificates from high-end Calgary restaurants.

  • Watch the video above for more on the story from CBC reporter Colleen Underwood.

They say she has called several establishments, claiming she dined there and the food was very bad.

Diana Ellison, event manager at Teatro, says when the alleged scammer phoned the restaurant another manager invited them to come down, hoping to get their image on a security camera.

When Teatro reported it to police, the restaurant was told it wasn't a crime. So the manager instead challenged the woman and posted the video on the internet to try to alert other restaurants.

"Social media is a huge thing these days," said Ellison. "We've got friends at Wurst and Ox and Angela and they gave us a heads up ahead of time." 

Ox and Angela had given the woman a $100 gift card after she complained, which they claim she spent that very day.

"She kept asking her server what her total was," said manager Andrew Rowe. "As soon as she hit $95 she didn't ask for her bill, she just got up and left."

Some of the targeted restaurants say it has taught them a lesson and they will now require a receipt and ask more questions before reimbursing a disgruntled customer.