So you like to smash stuff, hey?

Well there's a facility in Calgary that can set you up to do just that. A variety of tools are available to swing around and blow off some steam. They can even provide a printer, if your dream is to break office equipment.

Just don't hit your friends, please.

"You go in and get to smash stuff," Thundrdome director Punteha Farzadmanesh told CBC News.

The rage room is just one of the activities they offer, but it's proving to be quite popular.

"The feedback we are getting is unreal," Farzadmanesh said. "Everyone is so excited, so happy."

Calgary rage room

Smashables are provided or you can bring you own. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Here's how it works.

You book a time and package online. They start at $20 per person.

"We provide full-blown protective gear. You wear a face mask, chest protector, coveralls, gloves and you must have closed-toe shoes," Farzadmanesh said. 

Employees then walk you through what you can and can't do. 

"A lot of people with desk jobs are excited to smash printers. You are also able to bring your own breakable items to the facility, however we like to inspect them just to make sure there is nothing harmful."

Punteha Farzadmanesh

Thundrdome director Punteha Farzadmanesh says they strictly enforce the 'no hitting your friends' rule. (Mike Symington/CBC)

Tools for smashing include golf clubs, sledgehammers, pipes, baseball bats and it's for adults only.

They do have one rule — and they enforce it rigorously.

"You have to be very mindful about where your friends are standing and obviously, you are not allowed to hit anyone else in the rage room."

With files from CBC's Mike Symington