Calgary quilters go door-to-door offering 'warm hugs'

Dozens of volunteers went door-to-door in Calgary Saturday to deliver hundreds of "warm hugs" to flood victims.

Homemade quilts collected from all over North and South America for flood victims

Calgary quilters went door-to-door Saturday to deliver handmade quilts to neighbourhoods hardest-hit by June's floods. (Maureen Miller/CBC)

Dozens of volunteers are going door-to-door in Calgary on Saturday to deliver hundreds of "warm hugs" to flood victims.

Around 1,300 homemade quilts have been collected from all over North and South America and are being distributed by Calgary quilters to those who have been hit hard by June's floods.

"For the last 12 weeks, I just cannot get over how much people are looking after each other. This is another great example and what I love about it is that there are quilts from everywhere," said Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

"I wasn't expecting anything like walking into that room and seeing those 1,300 quilts displayed."

The volunteers are dropping off the quilts in some of Calgary's worst-hit neighbourhoods.

Similar efforts have been taking place across Alberta and Saskatchewan in recent months.

In July, a group of quilters in Moose Jaw began work on what they hoped would be as many as 50 quilts to send to flood victims.

Another quilting group announced their goal later that month of sewing a quilt for each of the roughly 13,000 people in High River.

"There are people who are worried about them, who are thinking about them, who feel for them desperately," said volunteer Anne Dale. "Some of our ladies, they're not fit and healthy to go slog mud but they know how to sew and they know how to quilt."


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