Public school teachers in Calgary reluctantly voted in favour of a provincewide contract on Thursday, which comes one month after the Calgary Board of Education rejected the deal.

The president of Calgary Public Teachers Association says there was a clear majority but support was not overwhelming.

Frank Bruseker said more than 1,800 teachers cast ballots, even though exact numbers from Thursday night's vote are not being disclosed.

The tentative four-year deal with Alberta's teachers calls for a three-year wage freeze, followed by a two per cent increase in 2015 and a one per cent cash bonus in the fourth year.

Despite voting in favour, Bruseker said some teachers still seem to have reservations.

"There was no jumping for joy anywhere," he said.

"I mean I didn't hear anybody. Even those who were speaking in favour weren't standing and saying, 'I can't believe how good of deal we're getting' — that dialogue did not happen."

Board already rejected proposal

But Bruseker said the dilemma now lies with the fact that public teachers in Calgary have voted yes, but the Calgary Board of Education voted against the proposal back in March.

"We are now in a very curious situation... and I don't know what the next steps are going to be," he said. 

"I think that's up to our minister and our premier to decide what's going to happen in respect to the board."

Teachers from all 62 boards and union locals across the province have until May 13 to vote on the offer, but the province could legislate the deal if not approved.

Alberta's teachers have been without a contract since August.