A couple hundred Calgary students have lost their school in the wake of flooding that devastated the city last month.

The Calgary Board of Education is trying to figure out where Elbow Park students will go to class this fall.

The building off Sifton Boulevard was so badly damaged by the floods, officials say it won't be open in September and it could take years to repair.

"It's very much extended throughout the building," said Frank Coppinger with the Calgary Board of Education.

"We can describe the building to be in three portions: the central portion is stable, the two wings have settled, and so it's broken its back away from the centre part of the building. So it's extensive structural damage with cracking throughout the building."

Officials say the goal is to keep all the students together when relocating them. Options include sending them to an empty school within the CBE's inventory, or having them share a nearby facility in portables.

The Alberta government has ordered 75 portable classrooms. Education Minister Jeff Johnson says they will be used throughout southern Alberta.

Parents should expect to hear where their kids will be going to school by the end of July.

Rideau Park School, also located near the Elbow River, received damage in the June 20 flood as well.

Officials say all the computers and desks will need to be replaced and it could cost up to $4 million to repair the building’s foundation, electrical system and boilers.

But the board is confident the school will be ready for students in September.