The number of Calgarians appealing their property taxes is up this year. 

Last year about 4,000 people took umbrage with the city's assessment of their property, while this year that number is just over 4,500.

City assessor Nelson Karpa said the economic downturn has impacted Calgary real estate, but properties were assessed as if they would sell on July 1, 2015.

"We simply reflect what has happened in the marketplace, and certainly overall we have seen a bit of a drop in the residential and non-residential market over the lest year. But then again there are pockets where properties are selling quite well," he said.

"It depended on area of the city and also what type of property that you had, but as changes happen to the marketplace throughout the next year we will continue to reflect those as we prepare for next year's assessments."

Karpa said next year's assessments may better reflect the current market. Those will be sent out in January, 2017.